Huawei could Launch Its Own Mobile Services Soon

Huawei Could Launch Its Own Mobile Services Soon

Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, still have to make do without Google Apps. Although there were indications that the company is close to reaching a compromise with the US, it appears that nothing will happen anytime soon. Huawei is therefore still in a small crisis although this seems not to affect its sales figures. Huawei, therefore, has to put together its own Mobile Services .

Huawei Mate 30


In a recent interview, the head of Huawei India said that Huawei is developing its own Huawei Mobile Services. A cloud storage service, map service, and a good e-mail app are all close to launch. At least for the Indian market, Huawei would like to have important services completed this year. “Most important apps like navigation, payments, games, and messages will be available by the end of December.”

Google services have always been more than just an app store. Huawei has been offering the AppGallery for a long time, at least in terms of content. With all of these things in place, it will be interesting to see whether another Android OEM can really offer an alternative to the Google apps. Although Huawei has the necessary resources for a quick implementation, we are not so sure it will want to do anything under pressure.