Huawei Has Shipped Over 5.9 Million 5G Smartphones In December 2019

Huawei Has Shipped Over 6.9 Million 5G Smartphones In December 2019

Huawei Terminal Corporation announced today that as of the end of December 2019, its total global shipments of 5G mobile phones exceeds 6.9 million units. In 2019, Huawei released the Mate 30 series 5G smartphones, Mate 20 X 5G, Mate X 5G phones, Nova 6 5G, Honor V30 series 5G phones, etc.

Huawei 5G Smartphones

On March 29, 2019, Huawei held a consumer BG “Legislative Combat” oath division conference, with the slogan “We are the Chinese Iron Army, the division of kings, go forward, unstoppable”. At the conference, Ren Zhengfei, Yu Chengdong were proud of the slogan. According to the company, its three-year revenue reaches $ 100 billion. In addition, its five-year revenue target reaches $150 billion.

Earlier, Huawei said that it expects to achieve sales revenue of more than 850 billion yuan  ($123 billion) in 2019. This is an increase of about 18% year-on-year. Although it did not meet the expectations at the beginning of the year, the company’s overall operation was stable. It basically withstood the test in the face of uncertainties.

“We first announced the computing industry strategy and launched the world’s fastest Ascension 910 AI processor and AI cluster training service. The smartphones business maintained steady growth with shipments exceeding 240 million units; PCs, tablets, smart wearables, smart screens, etc. The consumer-centric smart ecological layout of the whole scene is further improved. “