kirin 1020 SoC May Use The Newly Designed ARM Cortex A78 Cores

Kirin 1020 Soc May Use The Newly Designed ARM Cortex A78 Cores

The Kirin 990 was introduced not long ago, but rumors about the next-generation chipset from Huawei started flying in. And according to people familiar with the development of the Kirin 1020, codenamed “Baltimore”, it would pose a significant upgrade over the Kirin 990 in terms of performance. Somewhere along the lines of 50% in raw speed gains. Coming from the Kirin 980 to the Kirin 990, the later introduced an improvement mostly in energy-efficiency and 5G connectivity but thanks to the 5nm manufacturing process and the newly-designed ARM Cortex-A78 cores, the Kirin 1020 is set to be a performance beast.

Interestingly, the Kirin 1020 is going to be the only flagship SoC that would use the Cortex-A78 architecture skipping the Cortex-A77 cores altogether. For comparison, the Kirin 990 uses Cortex-A76 cores, MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000 relies on the brand new Cortex-A77 cores as well as the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip. So we expect the Mate 40 Pro next year to debut with the most powerful and energy-efficient SoC before the competition catches up in 2021.

Unfortunately, no more details have been given for now and we don’t expect either – the usual September announcement of Kirin SoC is still far away.