Quick Commissioning Of Siemens Micro Master VFD

Quick Commissioning Of Siemens MM Series

A variabl frequency drive a device which converts a fixed frequency, a fixed voltage sine wave power to a variable frequency,variable voltage which is used to control the speed of induction motors.Before come to the point quick commissioning of Siemens MM series let us see its advantages.

Advantages Of VFDs:

  • Controlled Starting Current
  • Power line disturbances reduced
  • Lower power demand on start
  • Controlled Acceleration
  • Adjustable operating speed
  • Adjustable torque limit
  • Controlled stopping
  • Energy savings

Synchronous speed(Ns)=120*F/P(No.Of Poles)

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Block Diagram Of VFD

Siemens MicroMaster 440 Control Terminals

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MM 440 Control Terminals

Pre -Assignments Of the Inputs

Digital InputsTerminalsParametersFunctions
DI 15P0701=1ON/OFF1
DI 26P0702=12Reversing
DI 37P0703=9Fault Acknowledge
DI 48P0704=15 Fault Acknowledge
DI 516P0705=15Fixed SetPoint
DI 617 P0706=15 Fixed SetPoint

Quick Commissioning Of Siemens MM Series Drives

You have to put P0010=1 to start quick commissioning (Quick Commissioning parameter).

Parameters Parameter Names Or Functions
P0003=3User access level *
P0004=0 Parameter filter *
0=All parameters
4=Speed sensor
P0010=1 Commissioning parameter *
1=Quick commissioning
30=Factory setting
P0100=0 Europe/ North America
(enters the line supply frequency)
0=Europe [kW], frequency default 50 Hz
1=North America [hp], frequency default 60 Hz
2=North America [kW], frequency default 60 Hz
P0205=0 Inverter application (enters the required torque)
0=Constant torque (e.g. compressors, processing machines)
1=Variable torque (e.g. pumps, fans)
NOTE:This parameter is only effective for drive inverters ≥ 5.5 kW / 400 V
P0300=1 Select motor type
1=Asynchronous motor (induction motor)
2=Synchronous motor
NOTE:For P0300 = 2 (synchronous motor), only the V/f control types (P1300 < 20) are
P0304Rated Motor Voltage
P0305 Rated motor current
P0307 Rated motor power
P0308 Rated motor cosPhi
P0309 Rated motor efficiency
P0310 Rated motor frequency
P0311 Rated motor speed
P0320 Motor magnetizing current
(this is entered as a % referred to P0305)
Motor magnetizing current as a % relative to P0305 (rated motor current).
With P0320 = 0, the motor magnetizing current is calculated using P0340 = 1 or
using P3900 = 1 – 3 (end of the quick commissioning) – and is displayed in
parameter r0331
P0335 Motor cooling
(Selects motor cooling system used)
0=Self-cooled: Using shaft mounted fan attached to motor
1=Force-cooled: Using separately powered cooling fan
2=Self-cooled and internal fan
3=Force-cooled and internal fan
P0640 Motor overload factor
(Motor overload factor in [%] relative to P0305)
This defines the limit of the maximum output current as a % of the rated motor
current (P0305). This parameter is set, using P0205 for constant torque, to
150 %, and for variable torque, to 110 %.
P0700 Selection of command source
(enters the command source)
0=Factory default setting
1=BOP (keypad)
4=USS on BOP link
5=USS on COM link (control terminals 29 and 30)
6=CB on COM link (CB = communications module)
P1000 Selection of frequency setpoint *
(enters the frequency setpoint source)
1=MOP setpoint
2=Analog setpoint
3=Fixed frequency
4=USS on BOP link
5=USS on COM link (control terminals 29 and 30)
6=CB on COM link (CB = communications module)
7=Analog setpoint 2
10=No main setpoint + MOP setpoint
11=MOP setpoint+ MOP setpoint
12=Analog setpoint + MOP setpoint
76=CB on COM link + Analog setpoint 2
77=Analog setpoint 2 + Analog setpoint 2
P1080 Min. frequency=0Hz
(enters the minimum motor frequency in Hz)
P1082 Max. frequency=50Hz
(enters the maximum motor frequency in Hz)
P1120 Ramp-up time
(enters the ramp-up time in s)
P1121 Ramp-down time
(enters the deceleration time in s)
P1300 Control mode
(enters the required control mode)
0=V/f with linear characteristic
1=V/f with FCC
2=V/f with parabolic characteristic
3=V/f with programmable characteristic
5=V/f for textile applications
6=V/f with FCC for textile applications
19=V/f control with independent voltage setpoint
20=Sensorless Vector control
21=Vector control with sensor
22=Sensorless Vector torque-control
23=Vector torque-control with sensor
P1500 Selection of torque setpoint *
(enters the source for the torque setpoint)
0=No main setpoint
2=Analog setpoint
4=USS on BOP link
5=USS on COM link (control terminals 29 and 30)
6=CB on COM link (CB = communications module)
7=Analog setpoint  2
P1910 Select motor data identification *
P3900End of quick commissioning (start of the motor calculation)
0=No quick commissioning (no motor calculations)
1=Motor calculation and reset of all of the other parameters, which are not included in the quick commissioning , to the factory setting
2=Motor calculation and reset of the I/O settings to the factory setting
3=Only motor calculation. The other parameters are not reset.
For P3900 = 1,2,3 → P0340 is internally set to 1 and the appropriate data calculated.

End of the quick commissioning/drive setting.


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