Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Come With A 108 MP Photosensor

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, will release its new Galaxy S11 series sometime next year (probably February). However, before the official release of this series, there are a couple of speculations regarding this device, some of which have been confirmed. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will come with a 108MP ultra-high-resolution photosensor. The latest speculation suggests that this series will also come with special sensors for night scenes. This is to further enhance the effect of night shooting. The name of this tech is “Bright Night Sensor”

According to a recent EUIPO trademark filing, Samsung has applied for a new trademark called “Bright Night Sensor”. According to the filing, it is a photosensitive element for products such as mobile phones and tablets. Although Samsung used “Bright Night” as the name of the night scene photography mode on the Galaxy S10 series, this time the “Bright Night Sensor” trademark does not refer to the shooting mode or software function It actually refers to the hardware photosensitive element.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will not only provide a powerful night scene algorithm to enhance night shots but may also use a special photosensitive element to enhance the night scene performance. It will achieve this through the combination of software and hardware features to further enhance low-light imaging.

In the core configuration, the Galaxy S11 series would probably come with the Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865 flagship platform. Its Chinese version will use the Snapdragon 865 version, and the Korean version will use the Exynos 990 version.