TCL Announced World'S First Mini LED Technology At CES 2020

TCL Announced World’S First Mini LED Technology At CES 2020

Renown TV maker – TCL – just unveiled a next-generation display technology at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show – meet the Vidrian Mini-LED technology.


TCL Unveils Vidrian Mini-LED Technology at CES 2020

TCL’s Vidrian Mini LED technology is the world’s first TV backlight with the driving semi-conductor circuitry and tens of thousands of micro-meter class mini LED directly infused in a crystal-clear glass substrate.

This technology claims to push LCD LED TV picture quality to the next level by bringing higher contrast, brilliant luminance and a stable long-life performance. Additionally, when paired with TCL’s 8K LCD panels, the advanced backlight technology will enable consumers to “enjoy immersive entertainment in all lighting conditions, from being enveloped in a movie in the darkest of home theaters to being thrilled by a daytime ball game in a sun-lit living room”.

So, according to TCL, TVs powered by Vidrian Mini LED technology should bring an incredible viewing experience in any type of environment.Mini-LED backlight technology is critical for delivering powerful contrast performance and TCL is proud to have launched the world’s first TV with mini LED backlight, featuring over 25,000 micro-meter class backlights in the high-performance 2019 8-Series TV here in the US, and different models in other regions, to deliver extraordinary contrast and brilliant clarityChris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America

TCL Unveils Vidrian Mini-LED Technology at CES 2020
Mini LED Technology

“Last year’s launch of mini-LED backlight technology in TCL TVs disrupted the industry but we certainly aren’t stopping there. TCL continues to drive even better performance with this powerful mini-LED innovation and will make mini-LED technology more widely available throughout this year’s TCL lineup.”Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America

We still do not have a release date for the new technology by TCL but we expect it to hit the market in the following months


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