Vivo Has Unveiled Some Details Of Funtouch OS 10

Vivo Has Unveiled Some Details Of Funtouch OS 10

Vivo has already prepared an update to its user interface. Teaser materials from the manufacturer speak about this new update. Apparently, the interface will be presented on December 16 in conjunction with the upcoming Vivo X30 smartphone. In the video presented, Vivo kindly introduced several new features that will appear in Funtouch OS 10.

The “App Sharing” function is among the list of innovations. The description of the function is rather vague, like its demonstration, but, apparently, it will allow you to “share” the video, sounds, and vibration from one Vivo smartphone to another.

New dynamic wallpapers and desktop effects will also appear in Funtouch OS 10. The latest update will add a more “refined” animation for the status bar icons and transitions from screen to screen. The manufacturer also decided to add new dynamic lighting effects for the edges of the screen.


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FunTouch OS 10

“Native” wallpapers have become a little more mysterious – the company’s designers say that they were inspired by the appearance of “liquid objects”, and also note the movement of rivers, lakes and seas.

The provided sample wallpaper explains the overall look and feel way better than any text description. All things considered, Funtouch OS 10 seems to feature a huge focus on visual polish. We appreciate the teaser and will be looking forward to more info come December 16.

With the new version of the operating system, font customizer users can convert their handwritten style into system fonts. This function allow consumer to write in their own handwriting style.

With all of the above, upgrading to the new version seems to pay more attention to the visual components. And although this is really a very important thing, we would like to hope that the manufacturer also thought out how to make its firmware more functional and do not forget about more pressing issues, such as better autonomy and proper operation with RAM.